Use a password manager like BitWarden! Can't stress it enough. Just do it - trust me. I advocate using BitWarden as the mobile app only has a couple of trackers, which can be blocked on Android systems (go to the Tracking Off page to read more). In addition, and to its credit BitWarden is completely opensource! And best of all, BitWarden works across all devices for free! But I encourage you to pay the annual fee for the work they do. The paid version also has built in 2FA support (TOTP). [Go to my Secondary Authentication page to read more.]

Need to create a secure password? Your password manager will be able to do that, but if you need a password that's more easy to remember, but still rather secure, go to:

Choose XKCD from the Presets, at least 5 words in the Settings. Choose one of the passwords, run it through the password test below and if it looks good enough, then use it.

A better option is Steve Gibson's Perfect Password generator at:

Now how secure is your password?

Go to this website and test your password(s) out.

Finally, be vigilant about your own security and periodically check out whether your email address has ever been compromised at:

And then check whether any of your passwords have been discovered at: